Robert Kuhn, Ph.D.

Associate Director
UCSC Genome Browser
UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute
University of California Santa Cruz

Robert Kuhn received his Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Barbara in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, where he studied the centromeres of yeast. Following a postdoctoral at UC Berkeley/USDA Plant Gene Expression Center, he taught
biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics at UC Santa Cruz. He joined the UCSC Genome Browser project in 2003, where he is  now Associate Director, with a particular interest in clinical  genetics. The Genome Browser is a widely used visualization tool  giving access to the genomes of human and more than one hundred  other animals. Dr. Kuhn’s responsibilities include identifying  important datasets for inclusion into the Browser, enabling  researchers through teaching the Genome Browser in workshops and  seminars and learning from them how to improve the Browser.

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